canadian national perks.

post-camp canada perks

Unfortunately, summer camp only lasts for the summer. Fortunately, you can travel Canada for up to 6 months afterward.

Ask us about extending your visa in Canada, and keep your adventure going - the only hard part is deciding what you want to do with all that time.

welcome to your new favourite place.

up to 38% discount
alamo car rentals.

Hit the road this summer - we've got exclusive car hire discounts for Camp Canada participants.

Canada is a big place - which means it's got a whole lot of road. We're part of Smaller Earth, which means all that road is a whole lot easier to cover. Take advantage of up to 38% discount on Alamo car rentals and have a roadtrip to remember.

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10% discount
treks & tours.

You've chosen to go with the original Camp Canada. You chose wisely - now you'll receive exclusive discounts on treks & tours through TrekAmerica.

TrekAmerica offer post-camp guided tours around Canada and America. Get off the beaten track with this unique, cost-effective way to travel.

10% discount
moose travel tours.

Camp Canada have teamed up with Moose Travel to give you discount on their epic bus trips - so you can discover Canada your way.

Moose Travel tours provide a true Canadian experience. With so many to chose from, you're sure to find the bus adventure that is perfect for you.

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your canadian adventure awaits.